The swedish goverment wants to forbid homeeducation in Sweden, and act against swedish and international laws of human rights. We want to stop them from doing this!

The Swedish goverment is making new laws for the educational system, in which they want to withdrew the right to homeeducate children of philosophical or religious reasons. Most homeeducated children in Sweden today is homeeducated of philosophical educational reasons. That right will disappear if the proposal of the new schoollaw is implimented. Homeeducation is a growing movement in most of Europe and the USA. Homeeducation shows good results, in both educational and social skills. (to learn more or see sources visit www.rohus.nu) In spite of all this the Swedish goverment wants to withdraw the right to homeschool and join Germany, with their nazigerman schoollaw from 1938, made by a known Adolf Hitler. Germany has been strongly criticized by the UN for breaking international laws of human rights, and some german homeeducating families has got political asylum in the USA, having to leave Germany only because of homeeducating their children. This might also be the situation in Sweden. Help us prevent this! Write letters to the swedish goverment, educating them about homeschooling and about the consequenses of this legislation!

1. We want to preserve the right to homeeducate in Sweden

2. We want the same treatment of homeeducating families no matter where in Sweden they live

3. We want to prevent the swedish goverment from making a schoollaw against human rights