My boyfriend's pitbull was brutally chased down by an SUV.

UPDATE: Dixie's killer was located. It is a waiting game now. Please sign petition so we can show the DA's office that we will not tolerate a slap on the wrist or a plea deal. No animal deserves to die in this manner. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/harshest-penalty-allowed-by-law-for-dixies-killer

I rescued a pit bull from a shelter I worked at in 2007. She was a bait dog. Very gentle and very sweet. Her spay stitches had to be taken out, so she had to stay at my house for 2 weeks, instead of going to rescue.

My boyfriend fell in love with her. He adopted her. Because he travels alot for work, she was often at my house with my dogs. I adored her like she was one of my own.

My new roommate let one of my dogs out and Dixie ran after her. I heard her jummp the gate as he was trying to get her. I jumped in my car and found her dead on the SIDEWALK around the corner.

Seven witnesses called the police stating this was an intentional killing. I had to endure listening to how this man ran up on the sidewalk, sped up, and ran her down, as she was trying to run into a yard to get away.

The vehicle is a mixture of cobolt blue and emerals green. I was told the color would be recognizable right way. This person lives in our area (Southside, Birmingham, AL) as our street is not a cut through and this happened very late at night. The vehicle is a '93--'97 model Chevy Blazer. It is believed that there is a large dent in the passenger front area. The person driving was a tanned white male or latino.

The police are prosecuting this case as a felony hit and run. In Alabama it is a felony to hit a dog that is not in the street and continue going. The police also stated that they will press animal cruelty charges because he tormented her.

The police are looking, as are the neighbors. But, if we can spread the word, possibly someone with a watchful eye will see the vehicle and the witnesses can identify it.

This heathen needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Dixie was minding her own business, visiting a friend of mine, and was returning home when she was run down.

1. Locate vehicle and driver

2. Make this man stand accountable for his actions

3. Ensure that this man gets the maximum sentance under Alabama law for felony hit and run (yes, that is a law here regarding animals)