help her soul rest in peace

a 19 year old girl(student)was murder after being kidnapped.she was called to collect the prize money and was kidnapped. The girl named MERINA called her and was abducted and murdered and whole incedent was master minded by the ex-math teacher named BIREN SHRESTHA PRADHAN, who was friendly related with her family.Her body was found without limbs n head.finally the the whole body was recovered within different parts of the country into 10 pieces wrapped in a plastic.This is the national tragedy. Still the punishment that has been sentenced to the murderer is not sufficient as per his crime.

1. government should re-consider this incident.

2. ten year of imprisionment is not the sufficient punishment.

3. student unions should again set up some program .

4. And not let this very incident go fade with times leaving unjustice to khyati's soul.