Provide companion animal education, promote and provide spaying and neutering of pets, and continue rescue work to make the community "A Better Place".

We are a group of foster homes, specializing in all-breed dog rescue and pet education. We believe that long term kenneling is unhealthy for the animals, therefore A Better Place has volunteer foster families who care for dogs until a forever home is located. We never turn an animal away for need of extra vet care and our adoption fees never change no matter the vet care costs. We save many animals that are pending euthanasia at other shelters.

All of our animals receive the following basic vet care prior to adoption: Rabies vaccination, Blood panel, Spay/Neuter, Heartworm prevention, Deworm/Panicure, Deflea/Frontline, 2 sets DHLPP.

A Better Place also provides any additional vet care necessary. 4 out of 5 of our animals need additional vet care when they come to us. This vet care is completed prior to adoption and is included in our standard adoption fee. Recently, in addition to basic care, we have treated 5 heartworm positive dogs, a broken leg, 3 females with pyometra, and miscellaneous infections, wounds and injuries.

Some of our accomplishments include:
* Helping rehome 1000's of animals per year through direct placement, shelter transfer, and rescue networking.
* Educating the public through FREE material at 12-24 events per year on topics including: dog safety for kids and parents, spay and neuter, how dogfighting poisons the community, dog behavior issues, Pit Bull education, insurance rights for Michigan dog owners, breed specific legislation, and the relationship between animal cruelty/neglect and criminal activity.
* A Better Place has been involved in the legislation of Michigan's anti-cruelty and the animal rescue spay&neuter laws.
*A Better Place has a 99% success rate at matching pets with adoptive parents.

A Better Place Pet Education and Adoption Center is currently under construction in New Boston, Michigan. The Pet Education and Adoption Center will be used to serve the general public and assist homeless animals in the community. The PEAC is an indoor/outdoor dog rescue and education facility. A Better Place Rescue will use the PAEC to temporarily house dogs awaiting foster homes, train dogs, provide a setting for the public to interact with the dogs, provide educational material, and host events for the community. The facility is now 90% complete. The PEAC will not only provide a positive environment for the dogs and pet parents, but it is also earth friendly. 82% of the building is constructed with recycled and green materials.

1. Educate

2. Spay & Neuter

3. Rescue