2012: The Elections, The "New" Constitution, and The National Wallet

A Sobering Thought: "The Constitution" Notwithstanding: Do you think we will afford the cost for the structure envisaged and still get to Vision2030? Consider this scenario: Salary estimates alone, factoring Kenyan Politicians' penchant for being generous to…Read More

Just when you thought it wouldn't get worse

As you will reflect back to the last posting on this cause, our collective anger was (and is still boiling) at the apparent (and now confirmed) disconnect between the Kenyan Political Elite and the Kenyan population (read, The People of Kenya). As we…Read More

Someone should tell kibaki: "Kenyans have been watching".

You may already be boiling with rage at the insult that Kibaki (and the sycophants around him) have dealt the Kenyan mortal through the glorification of all things corrupt, in the (re)appointment of Ringera as head of KACC. Apparently, Kenyans of all walks…Read More

Status Check

Sample these headlines from recent local news: Elderly woman dies after days of starvationSample these headings from the recent local news: Kibaki rejects 8 lmos Rains fail, millions threatened by starvation Raila rejects 33 million for personal residence…Read More
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