Had to change Beneficiary to Friends of Pisgah Inc.

I was asked to change the fund raising beneficiary to Friends of Pisgah Inc. I can't go into any detail but they explained that it would be better for both them and for Pisgah to change it. They don't want to appear to advocate any one parcel of property…Read More

Thanks for your support

The state is reviewing the process and revising the plan because of over-welming support from the people of NH. But keep your opinions known by your congressman.

Over 600 now. Did ya send the emails to Johanna Lyons

[email protected] Tell them how funding for all state parks should come from the general fund and that we shouldn't lose any parks because of it.

Extended date for Comment

(Concord, NH) - Due to the outpouring of public response to its DRAFT Ten-Year Strategic Development and Capital Improvement Plan, the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation announced today that the public comment period will be extended by an…Read More

Recruiting for State Park Protection

If everyone could recruit at least 2 people and have them email [email protected] and [email protected], that would put us way over 500 people sending emails. That would be sooooooo cooool. Even better recruit 2 people and have them recruit…Read More

Thank You ALL

Thank you, and keep recruiting as many as possible. If you are on any other social networks start a cause for those 22 parks on the list for possible decommission. Thanks again Get them to email [email protected] and say how much they enjoy the…Read More
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