Debaptize yourself

Please, don't only join the cause, but do it really: get debaptized!

Baptism, which is mainly a christian act, is a ritual first initiated by conviction and then by tradition.
Today, it is mostly carried out by tradition.
In most cases, the person who has been baptized never had his say during the baptism.
So, most of the time, the choice is done for a child by his parents.
The consent is not established and therefore, the act is imposed.

There is only one solution left: to renounce this masquerade of a religion.
To become debaptized in order to no longer be associated with a religion you have not chosen.

To Apostatize
Whereas at your birth, you were baptized without your consent, which betrays the message of Jesus who himself only baptized adults, today by apostatizing, you behold the truth and end this treason.

As you wish to disassociate yourself from a church you disapprove, apostasy is therefore amply justified.

More information on www.apostasynow.org

1. Debaptize yourself

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