Climate Change: The Game

When you spread the word and solicit support for the Billion Beejams project it is important to convince citizens that it makes sense to invest in afforestation. One of the most effective ways of sensitisation is playing a game and this game from the BBC is…Read More

A Point to Ponder

"When last tree is cut, last river poisoned, Man shall realise he cannot eat money" Please support the Cpositive Foundation's efforts in leaving a Green India for our children. Ranjan Kamath Managing Trustee Cpositive Foundation

Investing in afforestation and India's poorest

Dear Friend Please read this story below which is an illustration of how the Beejams campaign could make the difference; how your invest would not only help in afforesting the country but provide a livelihood to the poorest of the poor regards Ranjan…Read More

Billion Beejams Project_ Greenvestment Units

Payments for Billion Beejams may be made in the following units: 10 sq m Rs. 50 100 sq m Rs. 500 1 sq km Rs. 5000 100 sq km Rs. 50000 The details of the bank account for Billion Beejams payments are as follows: "C+ive Foundation Chillar Fund" Bank: State…Read More

Billion Beejams Project_ Accepting Payments

Dear Friends Thank you once again for the support you have extended to the Billion Beejams project. As has been said " A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step" and you are that first step! While the Cpositive Foundation is setting in place the…Read More

India's Wastelands _ Fly by, Fly Over with ISRO's BHUVAN

Check the extent and statistics of wasteland in India for yourself. Please download the Bhuvan application from Cpositive partner Indian Space Research Organisation website at: Welcome to Bhuvan - A Geoportal of Indian Space…Read More

Billion Beejams Project_ Hara Hindustan Hamara

Dear Friends Thank you for joining and supporting the Billion Beejams cause. Presently, the cause enjoys a membership of 375 people worldwide. If each of us contributed Rs. 5 or 50 cents today, it would only green 75 square metres! The Government of India…Read More
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