EVERY VOTE COUNTS NOW - We're in the Final THREE!!!!

Hi, Everyone Hope you're all well and enjoying the summer. Great news - we're in the final three. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has reached the televised National Lottery Awards final. Their conservation work to help the UK's declining bumblebees is on…Read More

Just 2 CLICKS before 12 noon tomorrow - PLEASE HELP!

One final push.... voting ends tomorrow! Voting closes for the National Lottery Awards scheme at 12 noon tomorrow (Friday 18th). Please register your vote to help the Bumblebee Conservation Trust reach the televised final! They just need a few simple clicks…Read More

YAY!! Sooooo excited. I've seen a rare bumblebee in my garden!!!!!

So...what bee have I seen in my garden? Well I went out to do my usual check of the osmia rufa hives and thought I heard a lot of buzzing. There is a contoneaster that's almost like a tree next to the hives and I looked up to see it awash with bees -…Read More

Get Fit & Help the Bees! Pass it on!

Check out this weeks blog post and see how you can get fit and help bee conservation. http://www.befriendabee.org.uk/?p=251 Speak soon.

We're having a baby - or two!!!

Check out the blog and see what all this broody hen 'mum' lark is about :) http://www.befriendabee.org.uk/?p=245 I'm sooooo excited. I know, but I'm just a big kid at heart. Keep feeding those bees and invite all your friends, the more people know about…Read More

Happy Easter Everyone

Check out the latest blog post at http://www.befriendabee.org.uk/?p=231 Hope you're all having a lovely relaxing Easter. Speak soon. Yvonne.

Watch the Skies - They're Coming :))

Check out the latest blog entry at www.BefriendABee.org.uk Find out what my exciting news is that I mentioned last time. http://www.befriendabee.org.uk/?p=227 One woman just shouldn't be sooooo happy, it's unnatural :)))) If you see anything that you…Read More
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