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Mining giant BHP Billiton pulls out of disputed Philippine project

Danny Javier is now a mining comapny "strategist"

.... “I will not allow the company to proceed if even only one voice in the community disagrees with the project.” said Danny (see link).... I tell you Dan, you will be drowned by the thousands of voices that disagree with the project, not just one... then…Read More


Thanks for joining the cause and inviting your friends. The House Committee on Environment and Natural resources (of the Philippine Congress) conducted its first hearing of the bill last September 9, 2009. The next hearing was set next month and they are…Read More

stop global warming

enough of disasters due to climate change. click the link if you want to join the cause against global warming.

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continue inviting and reminding your friends thanks

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thanks again for joining the cause. please feel free to call or visit lrc offices for amb briefing or you can invite us in one of your study sessions to discuss the salient points of the bill.
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