Top 7 Ways to Identify & Avoid GMO Foods

Here's a new way to take a bite out of Monsanto's bottom line... vote with your fork and stop eating GM foods! It can be virtually impossible to tell if a food is GM... unless you know what to look for: Here are the top 7 ways to identify GMO…Read More

$100,000 and counting!

Great job spreading the word about the "Replace Roundup" challenge! Together, we've diverted over $100,000 from Monsanto by replacing our next Roundup purchase with a natural alternative. How to help this week: Feature this cause on your profile pages &…Read More

We've diverted over $32,000 from Monsanto - what's next?

First of all, THANK YOU so much for the support! I've already heard from so many people who hadn't realized they were consuming GMOs just by eating sugar, or supporting Monsanto by using Roundup. Let's keep the momentum going! Several of you have asked how…Read More

The Roundup Challenge has diverted over $1000 from Monsanto in less than an hour!

WOW - I posted this about an hour ago, and we've already diverted over $1000 from Monsanto... That's pretty awesome. THANK YOU!! Please keep telling your friends so we can see that number skyrocket over the course of the day... think we can hit $50,000 by…Read More
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