Support Creating Peace with Art

It’s International Day of Peace! To me, that means today, like every other day, is an important day to pause in reflection. To give thanks for all that I have been blessed with, most importantly all the beautiful people, like you, who bring joy and love into…Read More

Peace Pals = Peace Wave

Create Peace Project is about to launch an international PEACE WAVE! The Peace Wave will be an on-going global exchange of 6 x 8 inch postcards displaying personal art and messages of peace between students around the world. We will start in September with…Read More

Help Me raise $10,000

Dear Friends, You are one of the first 50 members of the Peace Pals Cause. Thank You! Can I ask for your help. I really appreciate your joining the cause, but now I'd love to ask you to help me hit my goal. Here's how: Make a contribution (a tax write…Read More

Let's Walk the Walk and Put our Money Where Our Feet Are

It's time. Let's set this Peace Wave in Motion. Help the Create Peace Project raise $10,000 by giving some small amount so that we can positively touch the lives of 10,000 kids in the next school year. We're going to spread art and messages of peace across…Read More

Will you help this cause by making a donation?

that is the question? we are the ones with the wealth and the means. I have a vision of helping children transform the way they see the world using creativity. Can you support me in creating peace? make a small donation..... and tell your friends who you know…Read More

I love you people

thanks so much for joining the Peace Pals Global Exchange. I am desperately trying to figure out how to rally the support I need to launch this " Peace Wave" into the world. Here's how you can help. 1. introduce me to people you know who have money that are…Read More

The Peace Wave

It starts in your hands......and your generosity will ripple far and wide across the lands. Give to the Create Peace Project's Peace Pals Global Exchange and watch us spread peace, open hearts and bring joy to young people all over the world. We'll give…Read More
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