Abortion IS Murder an we need to give unborn childrens human rights to make sure this never happens again

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvshMADC7s0 We need to give unborn children human rights. we have a video of a live abortion on a 12wk old unborn child which proves that abortion is murder. It shows the child sucking his thumb an his heart rate at 140bpm, just chillin an takin it easy, then it shows him tryin helplessly to escape as the abortionists suction pipe comes in to rip him to pieces, an his heart rate increases to well over 200bpm in total fear an panic. This child was 12weeks old an he had human instincts an he could feel pain, which can be proven by his 'pathetic' attempts to escape the suction pipe, an his heart had increased so much you can only say he was in total fear for his life, he knew he was goin to die. We cannot watch this video an deny this, something needs to be done about it, these 'unborn things' are little humans who may be in their mothers womb, but they are 'thinkin' an 'feelin' jus like us an they deserve to have the same rights' just like everyone else. These babies are innocent, they havnt been born, yet murderers are allowed human rights just like everyone else so why shouldnt they? It is no-ones right to decide whether someone lives or dies. Anyone who takes a life should be tried for murder, including the abortionists who take these babies lives. So what do you call Abortion Survivors? Are they human or what? because they were supposed to be murdered an be a part of the silent holocaust, they survived being burned to death in their mothers womb, so wat do you call these people when they come out alive? Because surely, if they are human to, like they so blatantly are, why is it that they wasn't considered a human when they was in the womb being burned to death with saline solution or watever method it was? How contradictory is that? This is pure evil on a grand scale, and we are doin this to the most vulnerable of our own kind, our own flesh and blood. This is absolute hypocrisy and murder and we need to make a stand, abolish all abortion, and give all humans human rights! We have the video and the proof, we just need to do something about it!!!

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvshMADC7s0

2. Unborn children are able to feel pain and fear as early as 7wks i have a video to prove abortion is murder, these people need to be tried 4murder

3. this video i have given you shows a live abortion on a 12wk old unborn baby, it shows the babys heart rate increase from140 to over 200bpm in fear