Insure and maintain a profound understanding of "a little puff-puff pass"

If you ever felt that paying for a plant was wrong, or that all the media hype was really just overinflating the fact that all you wanna do is just get high?! Then this is the cause for you....

Here at the "Everybody Needs a Toke" foundation, we are determined to get everybody the high they need. We offer classes with the finest horticulturist in the world, Weed 101 for all you degenerate college drop outs!, Rolling both 101 and 102 for the advanced class, Marijuana Alchemy for those intellectual potheads, and of course FREE weedies for everyone once you become a member and sign up a friend too!

So dont wait, if you dont think your a fuk-up, or even better one of your frineds dont think they're a up....have them join Everybody Needs a Toke!

1. Drugs are bad but weed isnt a drug so who gives a fuk!

2. Instill a "cant get high, before five" rule.......damn kids!

3. you gotta pass-the-dutchie on the LEFT hand side (not your other left stupid!)