Welcome to 2010

Hello Everyone, Welcome to 2010! As everyone makes plans for a New Year, I would like to thank you all for joining this cause, BleepCancer.org in 2009. We raised over $10,000 for an alternative cancer treatment I received during the month of November at "An…Read More

Health Update

Hello Everyone, Today I will be receiving my 3rd IPT Low dose Chemo treatment and then two more next week. Because of the the funds raised I will have a total of 5 treatments. Feeling pretty good now considering when I left on October 28th I had the flu bug…Read More


 Dear Friends & Family, So much has happened since my last update that the colon surgery seems like a distant memory yet that was last month on September 14th. My latest CT Scan on October 14th indicates that the largest tumor in my left lung has grown…Read More

Health Update!

Today is my best day since surgery and feeling great. The surgery went flawless as humany possible on Monday and I recovered in record time by going home Wednesday. The colon tumor was about 2cm and did not spread and all the lymph nodes were negative. There…Read More

Chaplin's Concert

A great big Thank You to everyone who made Monday night's concert at Chaplins a super special event. We raised $310. The energy, enthusiasm, and celebration were electric. Seeing people meeting for the first time, talking, smiling and totally enjoying their…Read More

Concert Fund Raiser

Hello Everyone, Tomorrow is the BIG Concert Event at Chaplin's the Music Cafe' to help raise money for my cancer treatemnt. See our flyer at http://bleepcancer.org/8.html Hope to see you there! We realize some of you won't be able to make it, so we are hoping…Read More

Members list is growing!

Amazing, over 200 members have enlisted into our FaceBook cause! Now that you've joined the cause take it a step further and make a minimum donation of $1 or more. You can donate online at our bleepcancer.org web site using your credit or debit card. OR Use…Read More
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