Stop Turkish Barbarism, Militarism, Warmongering, Hawkishness and Oppression

While fiercely pushing to enter the European Union, Turkey dares everyone by showing disrespect to the very Union it wishes to enter and its member countries.
Turkey still Occupies half of Cyprus.
Turkey forces a de-facto turkish state in Northern Cyprus on occupied lands.
Turkey exploits thousands of immigrants and sends them to Greece disrepecting the Union and treaties signed with it.
Turkey denies the proven genocides of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians.
Turkey oppresses the Kurdish people and denies them the most elementary Human Rights.
Turkey denies the Status and Liberties of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.
Turkey loots the property of Greek Orthodox Church.
Turkey harasses the Greek Orthodox Church and keeps the Theological School of Halki closed.
Turkey continues to deny the genocides of the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians showing no repentance nor remorse.

Turkey is a known Bully and Oppressor.
Turkey must be STOPPED.

1. Force Turkey to remove its troops from Cyprus.

2. Force Turkey to respect neighboring States and recognise Cyprus

3. Stop Turkey's Imperialistic and Oppressive Policy

4. Stop Turkey's European Aspirations

5. Force Turkey to stop sending thousands of immigrants to Greece