Seek justice for the gruesome Mafia style cold blooded murder of a young mother

The Philippines has no shortage of agencies and task forces and even laws to address the problem such as the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004, but women and children still suffer from abuses and violation of their rights.

It is in this light that this group is created whose aim is to raise awareness on the evils of domestic violence and the effect of incompetence and corruption in the Philippine court system that tend to victimize the victims further.

Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez is a young mother in a bitter separation due to domestic abuse and violence she suffered in the hands of her husband Manuel Jimenez III. As if to add insult to injury Judge Aglugub awarded custody of her children then age 4 months and 7 years old in direct violation of the law on awarding custody to the mother on children below 7 years old. The unfair decision leaves Ruby Rose no recourse but to visit her daughter in her estrange husband's residence. On the day she was to visit her daughters on March 14, 2007 she was abducted and went missing for 2 years, had she been awarded custody she would probably be alive to this day.

Ruby Rose would not have been found if not for the conscience stricken hired killer who confessed to the gruesome murder of suffocating Ruby Rose with a metal wire tied around her neck. Manuel Montero with the help of four men abducted Ruby Rose and killed her inside the BSJ warehouse (owned by Lope Jimenez uncle of Manuel Jimenez III and brother of Manuel Jimenez II named by Montero as the mastermind of the killing) at Pier 2 of the Navotas fish port shortly after she disappeared. The mafia style disposal of her body entombed in a cemented drum, sealed and placed in a metal box poured with cement and welded shut weighing approximately a ton was dumped 1 nautical mile (1.85 kilometers) away from the port.

We cannot allow the perpetrators of this barbaric killing and the mafia gangland style of disposing of the victim’s body unpunished. Should that happen, that situation would be hell for all Filipinos, rich and poor alike, as if all of us have ended like Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez – entombed in a cement-filled drum, encased in steel and lying at the bottom of the deep murky, silt-filled waters of the port of Navotas and in whose wake, not even her children were allowed to be present.

1. Raise awareness on the evils of domestic violence

2. Seek Justice for Ruby Rose & All Victims of Domestic Violence