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Hey guys; to save my own ass here;
this page i created because i felt alone; and i felt nobody cared; i made this page for support because of my addiction. it has grown. and it has come to my attention that apparently we are being called something like "crystal meth anonymous" or our cause page here somehow gives the impression we represent such an absurb organization. WE ARE NOT CMA we are the faces and voices of real people who have had trouble with addiction. we are NOT anonymous; hello there; my name, rachael mackay, i live in salmon arm BC Canada; my fucking phone number is 778 868 0716; and i AM a crystal meth addict. certainly not an anonymous one. I do not hide my defects anymore.
I am str8 up being threatened here guys; apparently by having this cause page i am committing some sort of crime, fraud, impersonation and facebook wants to close my account as well as an ongoing DEA investigation into my personal life. I say; middle finger UP! you fuckers bring it on seriously. I am doing NOTHING illegal here and nothing wrong. I doubted that i was helping anyone because of you whatever your name is cop rat goof.
but i thought different. I am HELPING people like me; i am NOT some NA or CMA or nothing like that; i am just a fucking addict.

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