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hey all!

Ladies and Gentlemen-
Just wanted to say a quick hello! I'm Ryan, the founder and moderator of this wonderful cause filled with no doubt talented people! Thank you to all of you that have joined, and I hope you continue to recruit friends, and try to donate to the Roundabout Theatre Company! Recently, my family and I donated a pretty hefty amount to them, which obviously isn't reflected on the cause page, but know that there has been more than $55 donated. :)

I just have a little project that I'd like to get started. I'd really love to hear what big projects all of you are working on/have worked on. Feel free to message, comment, or IM me on facebook and let me know, and I'm going to compile a list of some of the biggest and most interesting projetcs that our members are working on! For instance, yours truly is slated to go on tour soon! You'll have to wait to see which one, but I'm pretty excited! I know some of you probably have some amazing projects that all out top mine, and I'm sure all of our members would love to read about them!

Thanks all!
Peace and Love

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