Fight To SAVE Lives In South Carolina!

We have just learned that ALL funding for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention has now been stripped from the South Carolina state budget. "No money, no prevention, no outreach, PEOPLE WILL DIE!" Everyone should be appalled but those communities that are hit the…Read More

We Need Your Help

Hello Supporters,   We are sending this out to see if this medium is a viable fund raising option. We have sent request to help raise money before but this time we are using this as data to report out. We have raised only $10 to help us continue to provide…Read More

Thank You

 Thank you all for the notes of encouragement and support. We have chosen PayPal to accept all donations for this drive. Our goal is to reopen an outreach center here in our area solely for Community Based HIV/AIDS Counseling & Rapid HIV Testing, with a…Read More


 This morning I received a call informing me that the agency that provided prevention for our area will no longer accept funding from the state (for reasons unknown) This means that Spartanburg, Union & Cherokee counties will no longer have community…Read More

Friends Influencing Friends Campaign!

We have 671 members now. WOW! Let's make some good use of our collective strength. I am asking that you invite all of your friends to join this cause. We only want to bring this message back to the forefront. Silence=DEATH, so by inviting friends having…Read More

1 Day Left!

We've streamlined our focus and are committed to mobilizing HIV testing in the areas of most need. With all of our efforts here, we've only raised $10. This donation gave us hope beyond measure and we are truly thankful for it. We need help from our cause…Read More

Full Link!

The link for the assessment was cut off in the previous announcement, and will not direct you to the donate site.
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