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Lush launches Greyhound Campaign!

The RDPA team are delighted to report that Lush Cosmetics is launching an in-store campaign "to highlight the cruelty that is going on in greyhound racing".

The campaign, which will run in more than 90 Lush stores throughout the UK and Ireland from October 11th - 17th, is aimed at helping Greyhound Action to educate the public about the problems with betting on greyhound racing and going to the tracks.

At 12 noon on Wednesday, October 13th, the media will be invited to stores that are running the campaign. There will be lots of fun and even a race, but this time with humans! The event will only be successful if lots of people turn up so please do try and make it, and don’t forget to bring along your own rescued greyhound if you have one!

Please click on the following link to find your nearest Lush store:

Thank you!

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