Slowing down

I see this is the time of year where we are all forgetting about Big Brother, but I have not! So, do me a favor, invite your friends, I would love to have more supporters in my cause!

Wow! We are doing great!

 Let's make it better! We can make a huge impact, I have good news, I am going to be doing a casting call, and that way I can be better in person than just on tape! I think it is time to make an impact! Let's do it! Keep inviting those friends! We can make an…Read More

Hey There!

Wow! I gotta say, you guys are doing fantastic! But the word is still needing to be spread! invites everyday! Up to 150 a day. Let's make a difference, and let's get some entertainment to Big Brother!

Hey There Peeps! Keep it going!

We are up to 213 members now, but I know we can do better! Remember we can send 150 invites a day! So hook a brother up!

Please don't delete before reading!

I just want to let you know that we are getting closer to the time when people are going to be seriously looking at this, so please have your friends join this Cause. Send it to your friends, you can send up to 150 a day! You never know if your friends will…Read More

Need your help!

Well the application has been filled out, and I might have a camera this weekend, but I need some more signatures, so make sure you send an invite to all of your friends, you are allowed to send 150 a day, so hop to it, the more it is out there, the better…Read More


Application is done, the other requirements are done, but I am missing my camcorder, so if there is anyone that has one that would like to help me, I would more than happy! I would give you mucho credit and mention your name a bunch of times on air! LOL! Let…Read More
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