CAASE is committed to building a global community free from sexual exploitation.

CAASE believes in stopping sexual exploitation by directly addressing the culture, institutions, and individuals that perpetrate, profit from, or tacitly support, sexually exploitive acts against people. To accomplish our mission, CAASE: seeks legal repercussions on behalf of survivors against perpetrators of sexual harm; advocates for policies and legislation that hold sexual exploiters accountable; creates and implements prevention initiatives including providing safe spaces for survivors to give testimony about their experiences; and develops resources that empower individuals and communities to stand with victims of sexual harm and take actions against sexual exploiters.

CAASE’s law project, The Justice Project Against Sexual Harm, provides low or no cost legal services to sexual assault survivors, including survivors of prostitution. Depending on the needs and goals of our clients, we engage in civil litigation against perpetrators and facilitators of sexual harm, and advocate for appropriate and effective criminal prosecution of rapists and pimps. The project also advocates for public policies that increase the efficacy of criminal and civil laws against sexual violence and exploitation.

CAASE is leading three policy and organizing campaigns: 1) Creating a protocol with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office to increase prosecutions of domestic sex traffickers and utilize their assets towards restitution of their victims. 2) Organizing a diverse coalition of Illinois organizations and survivors to advocate for the reform of prostitution laws to ensure that traffickers and customers are prosecuted and prostituted individuals are provided with social services and alternatives to arrest and incarceration. 3) Working with area rape crisis centers to put political pressure on Cook County’s Criminal Justice System to better serve and respond to survivors of sexual assault and increase prosecutions of rapists.

CAASE works to prevent sexual exploitation by increasing public understanding of the harm inherent in the sex trade. We have produced plays, launched poster campaigns, organized lectures, promoted film screenings, and assembled panel discussions by national experts on prostitution and sex trafficking. We are constantly looking for ways to creatively utilize media to raise public awareness about the human rights problem that is prostitution. CAASE also engages in cutting-edge prevention work aimed at preventing high-school-aged boys from becoming customers of the sex trade. We have created the country’s first educational curriculum to address issues of masculinity and the pressures that land on young men to support and engage in sexual exploitation. We also create and provide resources and tangible tools to help individuals, public entities, not-for-profits, and businesses work towards ending sexual exploitation.

1. We know that all forms of sexual exploitation, including sexual assault and the commercial sex trade undermine the dignity of all people.