Create again the state of RSK

During the summer of 1995 the NDZ administration together with NATO and US forces launched a massive attack against the Serb civilian population living in RSK in an effort to expel them and reincorporate their land into Croatia.

This attack caused around 450,000 Serbs to flee their homes from the marauding Croatian forces which brought death and destruction in their wake. The old which remained were tortured and humiliated as their homes were burned to the ground.

The refugee exodus clogged up motorways for miles upon miles, the Croats used this bottleneck situation to their advantage as they used JNA planes to bomb the motorways killing thousands.

This "Operation Storm" was hailed as a victory to the Independant state of Croatia and to this day is celebrated as the "day of thanksgiving". It was nothing more then a method to remove all Serbs from Croatia and steal their land.

1. Croatia must actively encourage the return of every Serb to RSK

2. Each and every house burned down must be rebuilt.

3. The state of Croatia must fully recognise the existence of RSK