Reduce and eliminate stigma around mental illness and inspire others to donate and support a cause that makes a significant difference for so many.

Social services, particularly mental health services around the country have been faced with many challenges over the past 6 months. The problem has not been solved and will not be solved until people share their opinions about the importance of these services, populations and most importantly PEOPLE. Politics and everything else aside, the fact remains that real people are affected by these decisions. Please join us in making a statement about what is important and help save our services. Thank you.

1. Social services are important and a worthy cause for society as well as humanity.

2. Create open and honest dialogue about social responsibility and service.

3. Mental illness is a prevalent and pervasive issue that will not go away and that affects EVERYONE.

4. Social responsibility IS important!

5. The cost of supporting mental health services is far more affordable than ignoring the need and sending people to emergency rooms and jails.