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Day 3- 25.11.11

Rain rain go away, come back another day. Today was the most challenging day yet, simply because of the weather. It didn’t just rain, it poured. The roads we normally travel with some ease were flooded and impossible by vehicle. We had to walk home from the school during the storm, along with other women and children, helping each other cross the rushing streams that were almost knee deep. Some of us (*cough* Courtney) thought it would be fun to take a mud dive. The day wasn’t a complete waste as some of us went to meet the surveyor in town to discuss some of the construction projects while the rest, along with volunteers Ben and Erin, held a medical session at someones home in camp Vumilla Eldoret.

The rain storm was so severe that our tent shelter was partially destroyed and all our firewood was soaked, and we were unable to gather more. We had to spend half our daily $2 on charcoal so we could make dinner.

Shosho (Grandmother) was kind enough to lend us her tent to cook in as the “kitchen” lean to adjacent to her tent was flooded as well. This allowed us to stay dry and warm for the evening, as well as attempt to partially dry out our wet clothes over the jiko’s. The best part of it all was the opportunity to talk to Shosho and have her tell us her story of the political turmoil and how it affected her life, from loosing her sister in 1988 to tribal violence and to her displacement in 2007. Despite these events she remains a strong, independent respected woman, who is more than generous with what she has. She is a pillar of strength in the IDP community. It is people like her who give us hope for the future of Kenya...

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