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Day 4 of displacement

Day Four- 26.11.11
From the hardest day to the best day…
Today was a real community day; filled with dancing, games and fun!
To start the day, the women of the group walked the 2km’s to the nearest shop to stock up on charcoal and vegetables for our last evening. We even treated ourselves to a banana each (best tasting bananas of each of our lives). This left us with only 35KSH (35 cents) for our milk the following morning.
While walking back, we discovered that a church group had come into the community to hand out cabbages. The men of our group decided to follow the crowd.
By early evening we were all back together. Sally stayed at the tents with Cucu to start preparing dinner (a task that takes hours) while the rest of us, along with a few kids from the camp, walked across fields and ravines to the next camp to collect water. We each had a go at pushing the three, very large, very heavy jerry cans of water in a wheelbarrow- Some of us were FAR better than others. Some of us even managed to topple it over (hmmmm Keri)
Once we returned home, the sun was beginning to set, which Izzo and Courtney took as a perfect opportunity to start an outdoor dance party with many, many kids! During which time the rest of us were hard at work…. Jenn was busy repairing Cucu’s garden (which we had previously destroyed while trying to protect ourselves from the rain), Keri was seeing to a very sick baby who had malaria and pneumonia, and Sally and Tony were very busy in the kitchen.
By dark, we were all cosy and snug, eating and sharing stories in our grandmother’s tent.
The sense of community was exceptionally strong today and we all felt so lucky to be a part of it.
We are all, as part of the Marafiki Community, so lucky to have been welcomed into this community…
“Karibu Sana”

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