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day five

Day 5- 27.11.11

We awoke early on our last day to pack up our tents to get ready to head back to Nairobi. Our last 30 shillings were spent on milk, which we used for our last tea and bickies with our adopted Cucu. Before leaving Izzo had the opportunity to speak to a few of the women who were living close by in the camps, and listen to how they felt our stay had impacted on them and the community as a whole. One of the women shed tears as she told Izzo that she didn’t want us to leave. It was amazing to feel the difference we made, just by being present in the community. In attempting to gain a glimpse of the everyday challenges they face, we believe that our commitment, as Marafiki was truly demonstrated. The blankets which had kept us warm at night, as well as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and combs were donated to those who had helped us along the way, as well as the people in the camp who had approached us with health concerns. The gifts were really well received. However, the greatest gift of all, was witnessing the amazing progress of two ill community members who had visited us just days before… A 13 year old who was bed bound, was now walking around and had resumed helping her ill mother (who she reported was also doing much better) to look after her 3 other sisters. A one and a half year old, who we had seen lying on the ground, with no energy, covered in flies, and whose life we were thoroughly concerned about, was now holding herself up on a little chair, smiling and interacting with us. At the start of the challenge we couldn’t wait to get back to our comfy homes in Nairobi; with warmth, water and food much more easily at hand. By the end, the sense of belonging was so evident in us all, that it took all the strength we had to leave. Just like a movie, we sat in complete silence driving away, while the kids we had grown (very quickly) to love were calling out to us and waving us goodbye. What gave us the power to leave was the knowledge that Marafiki’s involvement with this community is a life-long partnership. No time too long, no distance too far will ever keep us away…

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