The main purpose of the organization is to encourage and facilitate sustainable development projects in underprivileged areas through empowerment of people in the local community.

What started as a simple feeding program, established by volunteers wishing to visit and address the needs of an IDP camp, has now turned into the establishment of a Non-Governmental Organization - Marafiki Community International. Marafiki is a volunteer initiated organization, created as the umbrella to an abundance of established and up and coming projects within the IDP camps as well as many other locations in and around Nairobi. Marafiki started solely as the back bone to the projects established within the Maai Mahiu area, directly related to the IDP camps, however our continual growth has allowed us to spread or wings and reach out to a wide variety of projects in many locations across Kenya. Marafiki is run and supported by an amazing network of both local and international representatives, all of whom wish to see through the vision of rehabilitating and creating sustainable opportunities for impoverished communities and less-fortunate individuals. Whether it be through educational opportunities, counseling and emotional support, drug and alcohol rehabilitation or offering home stays to otherwise homeless families and individuals, just to name a few, Marafiki is all about the people, and together we are changing lives. Marafiki relies heavily on the hard work and dedication of volunteers, we would not be who we are without their continual support, we have friends all around the world, continually strengthening our ability to make a difference here in Kenya…after all, Marafiki means friends…and “that’s what friends are for.”

1. Thousands were displaced during the post- election violence from 2007-2008 in Kenya.

2. The displaced individuals are forced to live in tent communities that are severely lacking in basic sanitation and in food supply

3. The displaced persons at Vumilia in Western Kenya desperately want jobs, so we strive to provide jobs by financing a maize mill.

4. The maize mill will provide several long-term jobs to camp residents, allowing residents to have money to eat and self-satisfaction

5. We are also implementing a weekly food distrubution program to assuage hunger in the short-term. Click below on "See Extended Info" for more info.