IDP Library.

Constructions taking place to complete the library thanks to Georgia and her dad :)

Volunteers in Mombasa

when you fall in love with your placement ...

Marafiki displaced

if i hurt you then I hurt myself....

Marafiki Displaced

I woke up hungry, my back is hurting, the nature looks lovely, but you might be wrong about something, this is not camping, they've tried to put make up on it but the situation is still ugly, come let me pronounce for you the sound of africa…Read More three

Day 3- 25.11.11 Rain rain go away, come back another day. Today was the most challenging day yet, simply because of the weather. It didn’t just rain, it poured. The roads we normally travel with some ease were flooded and impossible by vehicle. We had to…Read More

Day 4 of displacement

Day Four- 26.11.11 From the hardest day to the best day… Today was a real community day; filled with dancing, games and fun! To start the day, the women of the group walked the 2km’s to the nearest shop to stock up on charcoal and vegetables for our last…Read More

day five

Day 5- 27.11.11 We awoke early on our last day to pack up our tents to get ready to head back to Nairobi. Our last 30 shillings were spent on milk, which we used for our last tea and bickies with our adopted Cucu. Before leaving Izzo had the opportunity to…Read More
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