REMINDER - Get out and vote

If you haven't already make sure you get your ballots in by pick up tomorrow (ballots much be postmarked by tomorrow). As you all know this race is going to be critical and those last few votes could make all of the difference. (realclearpolitics poll…Read More

Less then 3 weeks until the general election. Do what you can to support Dino.

With the polls as tight as they are, and control of the senate in the balance all of us need to step up to the plate and do whatever we can to support Dino in the closing days of the campaign. I STRONGLY encourage everyone to dig deep and give whatever you…Read More

Come out and support Dino at the Murray / Biden rally on friday.

A bunch of us will be meeting near UW Tacoma friday morning to wave signs in support of Dino Rossi. This will be a great opportunity to show our strong support for Dino Rossi. For more information please check out our event page…Read More

Dino's website and official campaign launch

I just wanted to make all of you aware that Dino's website has officially launched. As of right now his campaign has posted a video announcement by Dino, you can sign up for campaign updates and his campaign is now accepting…Read More

Dino to officially announce bid for US Senate

Here's what we've been waiting for people ! If we want positive change in both Washingtons we need to give this race 110%. We all need to prepare to dig deeply into our…Read More

Dino Rossi for US Senate

I've re launched the cause as Dino Rossi for US Senate. Invite all of your friends and family - lets see if we can convince Dino to run for this increasingly important Senate seat ! Best, Adam Isackson

Dino Rossi's Facebook Fan Page!

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