Language and education in South Africa

Dear Friends A grand title for a simple blog on a serious subject. A follow-up piece already written will ask…Read More

Please recruit for Equal Education

Dear Friends A long time. Please visit -- the organisation is making significant progress and needs your support. Attached is an article I wrote on Julius Malema -- although it is off-topic -- I believe that it is essential for Equal…Read More

Equal Education: Director-General in President's Office Bans Equal Education March to Union Buildings

Dear Friends Today Equal Education had to go to Court for the right to March. Please read link below and spread the word. Demand the right to demonstrate without unreasonable restrictions. Zackie

Equal Education Needs Your Help in our “One School, One Library, One Librarian” Campaign

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THE MARCH TO PARLIAMENT ON 21 MARCH 2010 “Equal education has my full support.... I will march with you for libraries on 21 March 2010”. Dr. Mamphela Ramphele “We have failed you. The fact that our children must march for libraries 15…Read More

OBE -- The end? Yes. Equal Education FB Bulletin 2/2009

Dear Friends At last! Sense on the curriculum -- now let us get on with getting textbooks to students. Equal Education is planning a range of activities for next year. The next bulletin will outline details. Meantime, please recruit new members among your…Read More

Equal Education FB Bulletin (1/2009) Every School Needs A Library!!!!

Dear Friends Really sorry you have not received regular updates. Every week, we will send out an Equal Education FB Bulletin. This week's Bulletin includes: 1) Statement of condolence on the death of EE student leader. 2) Every School Needs A Library 3)…Read More

Join the Equal Education Libraries Campaign Petition Week 13-20 September

Dear Friends We need you. I am going to organise three days of signature collection for the Equal Education Library Campaign --- They have already collected 17 000 signatures for the demands: one library per school; one librarian per school; a budget for…Read More
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