Stop hunters and poachers from killing innocent and deffensless animals for fun and sport.

People are murdering poor, deffensless animals for fun and sport. They go out with their buddies and use devilish tricks to get harmless animals to come close enough so they can blow their brains out. From deer to bears to moose and even elephants. Some of the worlds most beautiful and endangered animals are meing killed for no reason. People hold contests for it and they degrade the noble and dignified cause of the animals. It's not fair for people to trick and taunt animals because they think they are better than them. If you think about it, though humans are the most evolved beings, we are the most savage and animals are so pure. If they must be hunted, let them be hunted only for what humans need if they must be hunted at all. It should be humane and dignified and fair. I want to stop the cruelty and madness for the animals' sake. Just because we are advanced, it doesn't mean we need to use our knowledge to destroy the simpler beings in life.

1. Animals are beautiful, noble and dignified creatures and they are being degraded and tortured and it isn't fair.

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4. Even endangered animals are being destroyed.