sign this petition to help save these children's school your signature could make a massive difference to these children. http://www.causes.com/actions/1695154-n-ireland-children-deserve-the-right-to-conductive-education

Katie's dad thanks people by standing in elections to fight for better health services

PLEASE LIKE GARY'S ELECTION PAGE: Gary McCann - Independent Mid-Ulster Candidate for Northern Ireland Assembly Elections - Nomination Announcement And they're off..... Independent candidate for Mid-Ulster Gary McCann has officially kicked off his race for…Read More

Katie's progress in her Sickness

Hi People we are very grateful for all the support people from all around the world have given us in Katie's Fight for the right of treatment at home in Ireland this is a news paper clipping from today on the Progress of little Katie in her latest fight…Read More

Katie Update

Hi guys just to let you all know we are so happy Katie took a step last week all by herself not a big achievement to must but this is a massive step in the right direction for Katie. Who by the way will be 2 on the !st of september this is another big…Read More

Baby Katie walk for life in Ireland please pass on to all your friends

Hi to all members, You had asked me to let you know when we were coming near you on the Katie walk for life we Start Saturday the 1st of August. you can check Katie's website http://keepbabykatieawake.com/events2.html to see exactly were we will be Hope to…Read More


Katie's Guestbook

Could we please ask everyone to please sign Katie's guestbook it is also connected to her home page on her website. www.keepbabykatieawake.com
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