Global Non-Compliance 3-Day Event

9|| - The Day We Had To Choose Who Is In Control of Our Own Life Like Max Igan says, if nothing else, Global Non-Compliance Events are an opportunity to create UNITY. On 9-10-01, most of us didn't even consider the need for unity beyond the purely symbolic…Read More

The Global Information Network

ASSIMILATING AND FIXING CORRUPTION. Or just worried about THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE? Why You Should Consider Applying for Membership in the Global Information Network **You should consider…Read More

Global Non-Compliance Day - 25th August

We want you go outside and yell, ''I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!" The Global Non-Compliance Day group, invite's you to join us celebrating in saying farewell to fascism. Time to spend time doing what you enjoy most, free from…Read More

300 members!!!

Its great we are up to 300 members. Thanks to everybody that has joined. An even bigger thanks to those that have invited people. :)


Just a short message. We would like to thank everybody that has joined the cause. Its nice to see that so many people are interested in such an important issue. We would like to raise awareness of our group to as many people as possible. So please feel…Read More

The pledge.

I would like to raise awareness to the existance of this group. please take the pledge to invite at least 100 members each. Thanks again for joining. :)

Global Non-Compliance Day

''Global Non-Compliance Day is a shift in awareness from the artificial exchange/money based mind-set, to a new paradigm that does not rely upon any artificial system to provide Humanity with it's needs. Without the impediments of artifices, like money,…Read More
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