To raise money to send women of color and Spanish-speaking women to the Zapatista Womyn's Encuentro ("Encounter") this December.

This winter the first Indigenous Womens Encuentro will be happening in Chiapas Mexico, and this was the Zapatistas' message to women all over the world:

"We are going to speak, us women Zapatistas, with compañeras from Mexico and the world and you will be able to ask questions of how we organize ourselves, the women Zapatistas, more directly with women. We are going to ask the compañeros men Zapatistas that they help us with logistical questions. Compañeros from Mexico and the world may also come to hear us, but remain silent [calladitos], same as our compañeros men Zapatistas."

This will be an incredible opportunity for women from all over the world to connect with women who are at the forefront of creating the world they want to live in today. The best part is that we will be sharing this opportunity with other sisters from NYC. Together, over 20 women will attend this delegation from Dec 26-Jan 3rd. As a group representing NYC, we are committed to bringing back information about Zapatista women's collective strategies of resistance, the creation of cooperatives development of alternative economies), rotating leadership, collective community governance, community health clinics and community schools. In addition, we will discuss how we can come together and use some of these principles to create autonomous & sustainable communities in NYC.

1. We, as North Americans, have much to learn from the Zapatistas.

2. Women, who have been historically silenced, deserve the right to gather in community and learn from one another, as well as to be recognized as leaders in the struggle.

3. We must work to garner resources to send women of color and Spanish-speaking women to this Encuentro.