Support our protest against fraud in Iran presidential elections held in June 2009

Help spread the news of the outrage and disgust of the Iranian people with the election results. The western media is conservatively silent at the moment regarding this blatantly fraudulent election. This is some sort of coup d'etat....This is not the will of the Iranian nation; they are mostly agitated or despair, and the braver ones are being mercilessly beaten in the streets by the hired brutes.
We ask for help from UN and for refusing to recognize the legitimacy of this election and contribute to refutation and canellation of the scandalous results.
جامعه بين المللی نبايد نتيجه انتخابات رياست جمهوری در ۲۲ خرداد ماه را برسميت بشناسد چرا که همه نشانه ها حاکی از اين است که آرای مردم توسط مقامات دولتی دستکاری شده اند تا پيروزی گسترده ای را برای فردی دیگر رقم بزند. کمپين بين المللی حقوق بشر پيشنهاد می کند که نتايج اعلام شده لغو و انتخابات مشروع ديگری برگزار شود

1. We want our right of freedom, our human right