Hep B Vaccine Triples Autism Risk in Baby Boys

Tiffany Mamalove just posted a link to your cause, Autism Is Reversible and Preventable! (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/299194?m=6488e20b): Important information for everyone. The Hep B shot is often administered in hospitals without the consent of…Read More

From Non Verbal to Spelling in the Grocery Store! Autism is Treatable!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWnCBzNa5oQ Video of my 4 year old recovering from autism. Sevyn shopping and spelling with me in the Market of Choice here in Eugene, Oregon. Shopping used to be a really difficult experience for him. The lights and sounds,…Read More

Lend4Health: September Pampered Chef Fundraiser!!!

Check out this awesome fundraiser!!!! http://www.pamperedchef.biz/pennyrogers?page=products-main Purchase anything off this Pampered Chef website, and a portion of your purchase will be donated to Lend4Health!!! Bakeware, cookware, stoneware,…Read More

Session 17 of HBOT with Sevyn (diagnosis autism age 4)

~Sevyn's Story~ a brief history~ (I should have posted this along with the first session~sorry, but here's more of Sevyn's story for those of you who are following his progress) My sweet son Sevyn is four and was diagnosed with autism shortly after his…Read More

Lend4Health and how you can help Sevyn heal!

Hello Everyone, We are excited to share that Sevyn just got approved for a new Bio-Medical Micro Loan program to get the vitamins, supplements and lab work he needs to continue healing and recovering from Autism. http://lend4health.blogspot.com/ Lend4Health…Read More

Session 16 of HBOT with Sevyn (diagnosis autism age 4)

Session 16 7-8-09 Sevyn had a much better day at school today. He was more compliant and easy going, I think he just needed rest after the trip we took over the weekend. He was focused and attentive, but not robotic. He still needed extra support at circle…Read More

Sessions 14 and 15 of HBOT with Sevyn (age 4 diagnosis autism)

Session 14 ( I've decided to use the term "Session" instead of "Day" when chronicling my entries from now on to avoid confusion) 7-03-09 Today we stuck to flash cards and a few good books in the chamber and it went quite well. Sevyn read with me and asked me…Read More
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