Save the Honeybees

The Honeybee is responsible for the pollenation of 1/3 of the food we put in our mouths, foods that are necessary to our well-being such as vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Due to CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder, a huge number of honeybee colonies have disappeared at an alarmingly rapid rate. The implications of the extinction of the honeybee population are detrimental to our future. There is no substitute that can match the skillful pollenation of honeybees, and until there is one, the outcome is uncertain.
The honeybees have disappeared in China, and now farmers must "hand-pollenate" using human labor.

Bees can pollenate a substantially larger quantity than human hands.

While research is pending, to understand the cause of CCD we can do small things to help.
Take precautions such as avoiding usage of pesticides that harm and kill honeybees.

Until further information is dispersed to the public, we must recognize the importance of this phenomenon and its implications on our world.

If the current conditions persist, in the US, the honeybees are expected to be extinct by 2035.

CCD is affecting honeybees all over the world.

1. Understand the importance of the role of the honeybee.

2. Take an active stance on the issue, such as avoiding the usage of pesticides.

3. Educate everyone about the importance of this issue to spread the word!