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10 days till Disabiliity Pride Parade

Please come and support the Disability Pride Parade July 25, 2009 Step off: 11 a.m.Dearborn and Van Buren north to Daley Plaza
Plaza Program noon-2:30 p.m.
Its too late to register but its not to late to show support by watching the parade and the entertainment:
DP3 Program
Entertainers and Speakers

Jesse White Tumblers –This internationally-known team has been thrilling audiences since 1959. Tumblers, beginning as young as six years old, are residents from ten communities in the Chicago metro area.

Brett Eastburn – Brett was born with no arms or legs. But that did not stop him from being an accomplished athlete in high school. Now Brett is a comedian who draws on his own life experiences and his philosophy of "no boundaries."

Miss International 2008 - Jayna Altman – Born severely premature, medical treatment left Jayna with profound hearing loss and the prediction that she would never speak nor get more than a 3rd grade education. Today, Jayna is working toward her doctorate in audiology and was named Miss International 2008, giving her a global platform to show the world that she is disabled and proud.

Willie Williams – A Blues singer, piano player and story teller born in Chicago by way of Mississippi, who sings the Blues from his own experience–eyes wide closed.

Akilah Romeo – a Walter Payton College Prep senior & a 2nd-year vocal apprentice w/ gallery 37. She also performs with the group, DSL.

Equip for Equality Players – Our annual musical treat from staff members of Illinois’ only cross-disability, comprehensive advocacy organization.

Horacio Esparza - Horacio is the executive director of Progress Center for Independent Living and producrer/host of Vida Independiente radio show.

Nura Aly - Violinist, leader in National Disabled Students' Union

Praetorium Signing Church — Pastor Carole Clemons leads a church and choir that lifts up the name of Jesus and spreads His Word in ASL, songs and voice.

Peter Love - Dubbed the Smooth Entertainer, Peter is a talented vocalist, entertainer, recording artist, compose/songwriter who has performed in and around Chicago for the past 25 years.

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