Our mission is to change the way people define “disability”, to break down the shame people with Disabilities feel.

Go to our website (www.disabilityprideparaqde) to be a part of the Pride Revolution!

Do you think you have great ideas about how to make the 2011 Parade bigger and better?
Do you want to be a part of a large grassroots effort to celebrate disability pride?

We need your help! It takes a lot of planning and hard work to make the Disability Pride Parade the fantastic event that it is. If you are a returning volunteer or are someone who has enjoyed past Disability Pride Parades, we want you to be part of the process. We would love to see you at our next meeting!

The Disability Pride Parade Planning (DP3) Committee is composed completely by volunteers.We need volunteers to help with fundraising, logistics, outreach, fact checking, securing entertainment, mailings, and much more. Check out our web site, www.disabilityprideparade.org, or call Janice at 312-810-2233 for more information.

We invite anyone to be a volunteer in planning the 2011 Disability Pride Parade.

1. Go to the parade website to learn about disability pride.

2. Go to the parade website to become a part of the Parade.