Win a trip to D.C. & Fight for Better Schools with Arne Duncan!

From Parenting's Editor in Chief, Susan Kane: With both of my kids now in school, quality education is more important to me than ever. So imagine how excited I am that the Secretary of Education, the passionate, dynamic Arne Duncan, is coming to speak at a…Read More

Mom Congress: Win a Trip to D.C.!

Join Parenting as we convene the first annual Mom Congress on Education and Learning at Georgetown University in Washington, DC this May! If you or a mom you know has made a real difference in the fight for better schools, Parenting wants to hear about it!…Read More

Want to be on TV?

We're seeking moms for a possible TV opportunity! Have you made a difference in your child's school? Please email your success story to [email protected], along with your contact information, and we may be in touch to conduct a brief phone…Read More
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