Hello from SPCA International!

Hello Causes supporters! Thank you for helping SPCA International advance the safety and well-being of animals. Please be sure to go to our website, http://www.spcai.org/ and sign up for our newsletter by clicking the button in the upper left hand corner to…Read More

Demon and Zada are on the way!

  Terri from the SPCA just called from Kuwait and told me that Demon and Zada have left the villa in Baghdad and are on the way to Baghdad International to begin the long journey home. She and Zada will be in the US on 3 Oct. Zada will be picked up by her new…Read More

Dogs are living it up in Baghdad

Hi all, Just an update on us and our dogs. C Company has arrived back in the US. We're at Ft Dix and will be released tomorrow to go home to our homes and families. The dogs are still in Baghdad waiting for the airlines to lift their summertime embargo…Read More

The First Step in a Journey of 10,000 miles...

Wow...what a day. All 6 dogs...yes, SIX dogs...I helped two other units get their dogs started on their journey home, too (Havoc, Checkpoint, Uhday, Demon, Zada and Beethoven) got picked up by a security company today (remember that next time you hear…Read More

Dogs in the Paper

Yesterday's Bradford Era ran a story on our dogs and really got the word out. We have received many donations and I am doing my best to get thank you notes out to folks. But if I missed anyone, THANK YOU!. Here is a link to the…Read More

Good news and bad news for the dogs

Hi All, We have solved the problem of finding someone to take care of the dogs from the time we can no longer care for them to the time they can leave the country. Basically, Terri from the SPCA found a contractor in Baghdad associated with the conference…Read More

24 July

Wow...it's been almost a month since my last update. I apologize...life here has been crazy because of events surrounding the 30 June security agreement. Since I last wrote, the dogs have all become pretty much domesticated dogs now rather than JSS security…Read More
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