Breath Fresh AIR!

Let's put pressure on our government to investigate and stop the so called black cloud.

Are you suffering from that smell and heavy feeling that fills our lungs every year and for over 10 years now?

Are you sick of our government is not putting an end to this catastrophe for over 10 years now?

Do you realize that the air we are inhaling 24/7 this totally poisonous air and it is ACTUALLY killing thousands and affecting tens of thousands of people with incredibly dangerous sickness?

Let's get together and put some civilized pressure on our government to end this catastrophic phenomenon before we'll end up with lung cancer!

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From a BT Article by Hania Moheeb

Half a million Cairenes will develop potentially fatal lung diseases and cancers in the next 5–25 years as a result of this fall’s “black cloud.”

This year’s black-cloud season saw the highest recorded levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) since the phenomenon began. The rates were so high, one of the capital’s leading scientists is now estimating that as many as 500,000 Egyptians will contract potentially fatal respiratory diseases and cancers in the coming 5 to 25 years as a result of this year’s exposure.

Egypt has become one of the world’s top rice producers in recent years, with total area under cultivation climbing more than 30% in the past four years which means more rice-husk by-products, which farmers eventually burn to prevent the spread of parasites and to clear up field space.
According to Muslim Shaltout, an environment researcher at the Astronomical Research Center in Helwan, the problem could be worse.

“If it weren’t for the fact that Cairo lays in the sun belt (where the sun shines most in the globe), a catastrophe would have taken place with many people dead from breathing such poisons,” he writes in his research. “The sun’s rays heat the air near the surface of the earth, which makes it rise, carrying all the pollutants with it, and then the wind pushes it away from Cairo. The problem occurs when the atmosphere stabilizes [in the fall], causing thermal inversion.”

Cairo Pollutants

Farmers may bear the brunt of criticism, but the capital’s industrial zones are not exactly squeaky clean. Shubra El-Kheima’s spinning and weaving factories to the north of Cairo have long been a source of air pollution as the wind carries their emissions into the megalopolis.

A Costly Cloud
“Pollution causes 2,400 cases of early death every year. It results each year in 15,000 new cases of chronic bronchitis, 329,000 cases of pneumonia, eight million asthma attacks and at least 28 million days of reduced or lost productivity,” El-Hennawy says. “The overall cost of air pollution is estimated at around LE 10 billion yearly.”

1. Relevant research and health institutes MUST thoroughly research this phenomenon

2. The relevant authorities MUST act firmly against this catastrophe that turned Cairo into a seriously sick city

3. The Black Cloud MUST END! We have the right to breath fresh air!