Restoring abused, exploited, and rejected women and children to life in all its fullness through quality holistic healing, social rehabilitation, and economic empowerment.

Who Could She Be?

$2,500 could change her life and the lives of her children forever. A fair wage, a safe environment, an opportunity for a new future... Hagar's social enterprises provide hope for some of the most disadvantaged women.

For each $2,500 raised to invest in one of our social enterprises, we are able to provide stable, meaningful employment for a woman from Hagar's social programs. We are currently raising funds for Joma Cafe and Bakery.

Joma Cafe and Bakery was founded in Laos in the mid-1990s and has grown to become of the most successful businesses in the country due to its focus on providing high quality service and supporting the local community. Hagar, the Joma founders, and three social investment funds hope to replicate this innovative model throughout the region and provider brighter futures to hundreds of women.

We ask for your support to develop and invest in Joma Cafe and Bakery, practical, innovative, and sustainable solution that provides hope to victims of extreme injustice.

Hagar was founded in Cambodia in 1994 with a mission to assist in the most dire cases of abuse, violence, and injustice against women. Hagar's vision is to restore abused, exploited and abandoned women and children to life in all its fullness through quality holistic healing, community reintegration and social entrepreneurship. No matter how dire the case, we are committed to assisting each individual woman and child to find their own path toward rehabilitation and resilience. We believe that a critical component of long-term recovery and resilience is economic independence.

Hagar Social Enterprise Group (HSEG) was created in 2009 to manage Hagar's existing social enterprises investments and explore new venture opportunities in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Laos, Vietnam, and India. We hope to replicate our portfolio of social business models around world, providing a sustainable and innovative approach toward the long-term recovery of disadvantaged populations.

Check out a video about one of our original enterprises, Hagar On-Time!, here:

1. Economic empowerment is a key factor for our clients to achieve long-term independence and enjoy a life of dignity

2. HSEG invests in social enterprises that are financially sustainable and provide meaningful employment and capacity-building opportunities

3. HSEG's enterprises generate profits to support Hagar's social mission, whether by donating funds back to social programs or by growing the business

4. Each business is an independently operated, registered for-profit commercial entity with strong corporate governance and social program integration

5. Our social enterprises provide an array of social benefits, including a fair wage, insurance, daycare, meals, transportation and education allowances