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Texas SERIOUSLY needs our help... no matter where we live!!!

It doesn't matter where you are from or where you live, this information affects you, because it affects freedom and sovereignty in America! We have one week (Jan. 4th deadline) to secure Debra Medina's place in the KERA debate. It is vitally important for Debra Medina, running for Governor of Texas, to participate in the KERA debate on January 14, 2010, when she will meet Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison for a real look at who best represents Texans. Rick Perry fears Debra Medina's knowledge of the real issues most affecting Texas and America. This debate is controlled to keep Texas voters uninformed about who best represents them.

Texas has been a shining example for other states on many fronts. Debra Medina's appearance in this debate will greatly increase her name recognition and chances of winning. Her appearance will awaken people and open the doors for great change across America! So YES, wherever you live, by helping us secure Debra Medina's place in the KERA debate, you help preserve freedom and sovereignty nationwide!

We've been working on a massive plan to ensure Debra Medina gets into the KERA debate and represent a choice most Texans aren't aware of. Here is what you can do. EVERY STEP HERE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO RAISING AWARENESS AND ATTRACTING MORE PEOPLE TO HELP US!

Step 1)

1a. Join this event by clicking 'Attending' in the right column.

1b. Join the 'Debra Medina for Governor Campaign Button-Dash Drive', to get Debra's name before more eyes on Facebook, and to promote powerful YouTube videos about Debra's debate challenge to Rick Perry. Click here to check out/participate in this clever strategy:

1c. Join 'I'm Serious about Making a Difference' here:

1d. Join 'Stand And Unite' here:

We're coordinating efforts with 'I'm Serious about Making a Difference' and 'Stand And Unite' who created this event and who are actively promoting Debra's efforts. The more of us who join that group and that page, the more our friends are made aware of Debra Medina's KERA debate efforts, especially if we are all using Debra's campaign button as our profile and using a dash '-' before our first names. Go to "Settings" on your profile page to edit your first name with the dash or hyphen.

Debra Medina's debate challenge to Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison, along with interviews by Alex Jones and Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News Freedom Watch, are POWERFUL videos to post on your Facebook wall, so people clicking on Debra's campaign button can instantly learn about her message. Please watch and share the videos below.

Step 2) Here is our 90 second secret weapon for 2a. & 2b. that will turn this event from 100 people struggling to be heard into 20,000 people who can't be ignored!

2a. Click 'Invite People to Come' on this event page. Use the 20-second technique from the video above to invite all of your Facebook friends to THIS Facebook event. Before you click 'Send Invites', add a message. It can be something like...

"No matter where you live, this event affects us all. We have a week to get Debra Medina on KERA's debate stage with Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Join NOW and invite ALL of your friends with a special technique included. It takes only 20 seconds!!!"

Copy and paste that exact text into the invite window that is described in the special inviting technique video, our 90-second secret weapon!

2b. Then, use the same technique for 'Stand And Unite' and 'suggest to friends'. This will complete the networking loop and will allow this event to become extremely viral very quickly!

The more friends we bring to this event, the more people will hear our cry and step up to help, so please follow through with both of these invitations!

Step 3) Now that we've started to awaken the masses, it's time to be heard!

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