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The Texas Debates: Race for Governor - Recorded January 14, 2010

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Here is a recording of tonight's debate. Basically, Debra Medina hit it out of the park AGAIN with her genuine, straightforward style that effectively identifies real issues and solutions we must implement now. Her commanding posture comes from a conviction to best serving the interests of We Texans. Debra shines in this debate, which will help determine our next Governor of Texas. Vote for Debra Medina in the Texas Republican Primary on March 2, 2010. Please share this video with your Facebook friends to let them know Texas has a Freedom Candidate for Governor. Her name is Debra Medina.

This race is very relevant to our Federal Reserve audit legislation, an effort that could benefit from some strong Texas gubernatorial support. Each victory that we score for freedom helps every American and people worldwide. Please get involved with this extremely important gubernatorial race and help Debra Medina win in 2010!

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