Sixth Street Gallery and MOSIAC Arts Alliance need your help to keep our doors open!

MOSAIC Arts Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was formed in 2003 by a diverse group of Vancouver artists. We opened Sixth Street Gallery in late 2004 and have been a popular part of downtown Vancouver since then.

1. MOSAIC Arts Alliance is a community that recognizes the importance of art in each individual and in our wider world.

2. We work to bring art to our community through artist support, gallery shows, art education, and cultural events.

3. We appreciate all the support we get from our community - if you all give just $6 each, we will be able to keep bringing quality art to you.

4. During the summer, your donation will be matched $.50 for each dollar you give - make your gift count even more!

5. Visit http://www.sixthstreetgallery.com/wishlist.htm