The gadfly called Shehu Sani

The gadfly called Shehu Sani By Wole Olaoye ([email protected]) Shehu Sani is not your regular business-as-usual Nigerian senator. He served notice of his moral and ideological posture early in the day when, in September 2015, he publicly declared his…Read More

Saraki Slams IGP, Says Respect Yourself, Honour Senate Invitation

".....the IG diverted funds appropriated for acquisition of Armoured Personnel Carriers in the 2016 budget to the purchase of personal vehicles. Court can’t stop your probe, Saraki tells Police…Read More

Tragicomedy of a Corrupt “Anti-Corruption” Government

In spite of the awful performance of the Buhari government on the economic front so far, it was usual for people to say that the one thing that was still going for the government was the president’s integrity and intolerance of corruption. No more. The past…Read More

EFCC detains ex-AGF Aondoakaa over $182m Halliburton scandal

The Halliburton case relates to an alleged $182m contract involving a four-company joint venture to build a liquefied natural gas plant on Bonny Island. Aondoakaa had been accused of frustrating investigations into the case during his time as the AGF between…Read More

Something strange is happening in the South-West - by Azuka Onwuka

The killing of the street evangelist, Mrs Eunice Elisha, two weekends ago in Kubwa, Abuja was the final point that made me conclude that something strange and inexplicable has happened to the Yoruba in the past one year. Two Saturdays ago, The Punch broke…Read More

Buhari should come forward

It is now time to do so in the in the interest of Nigeria. Every attempt must be made to be guided by the truth and facts, because that's what Nigerians want Buhari to do. Not only is the fellowship program Buhari attended not a Masters program, the…Read More

Nigeria’s currency crisis; How to make a hard-currency shortage worse. The Economist

Mar 19th 2016 | ABUJA THE mutterings of discontent are growing louder in Nigeria’s street markets. The price of a bag of rice has surged by 12.5% in the past month. Supplies of bread have dwindled after bakers turned off their ovens to protest about the…Read More
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