Congratulations Nigerians, it’s a New Dawn

The June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations (J12CODEF) with heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty God, would like to use this medium to appreciate the following; Nigerians across ethnic and religious divide who came out peacefully to exercise their franchise…Read More


From 2011 to 2014, A total of N2.92trillion has been distributed to 36 states from the excess crude account... AKWA IBOM - N265.06bn (1st) RIVERS - N230.40bn (2nd). DELTA - N216.76bn (3rd) BAYELSA - N176.32bn (4th) KANO - N106.48bn (5th) LAGOS -…Read More

Setting agenda for Buhari

If I were Muhammadu Buhari, I will declare a national emergency program within my 1st 100 days in which I will: 1. Not remove the so- called fuel subsidy, because like him, I don't believe there is even a subsidy in the first place. I will sack the entire…Read More

Buhari must start by jailing thieves – Kokori

Human rights activist, Chief Frank Kokori, has advised the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to start his administration by prosecuting and jailing looters immediately after he takes oath of office on May 29. Kokori, who is a former General Secretary of…Read More

Jonathan incurs N5tn domestic debt in 5 years, Governors incurred $5.85b

President Goodluck Jonathan's Federal Government borrowed N5.04tn from the domestic debt market during the over five years that he presided over the affairs of the country. Within the same period, the domestic debts of the states rose by $5.85bn or 116.83 per…Read More

Nigeria is too poor for our leaders to act like multi-billionaires - Sen-Elect Mr. Ben Murray Bruce:

Looking at the federal budget, a couple of things shocked me up, for instance, 1% of the national budget is spent on pilgrimages for the Muslims and Christians. 3% of the national budget is spent on the National Assembly of 469 people, 39% of the National…Read More

Nigeria Deputy Governors as Endangered ‘Spare Tyres’!

A few days to the end of their administration in May 2007, then Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Olufemi Pedro, resigned his appointment. But Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu refused to accept the letter. The goal was to ensure that the impeachment proceedings…Read More
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